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About Us

When The Denholm Group looked to diversify in the 1970s, they looked to another marine industry: Fishing. 

Denholm acquired the fishing interests of Christian Salvesen which comprised the Fishselling and Fish Processing Operations. The fish processing operations are now Denholm Seafoods, and Denholm Fishselling are still very active in the main Scottish and Northern Irish ports of the UK.  At one point Denholm Seafoods had processing factories in Granton, Grimsby and Peterhead.

Today just the pelagic processing operation, formerly Alexander Buchan Limited, at East Quay, Peterhead remains as a result of changes in the industry and consumption patterns.

Today, Denholm Seafoods is at the heart of pelagic processing in North East Scotland, being involved with shared waste water processing facilities for the good of the overall industry.