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This is a list of the Archived news items applicable to Denholm Seafoods

Maatjes Production 2013

As ever we are gearing up for our Maatje Herring production in June of this year.

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Moscow World Food Expo 2013

Denholm Seafood will again be exhibiting at the World Food Expo 2013 in Moscow.

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A World of Seafood - Brussels European Seafood Expo 2013

Once again we had a highly successful exhibition at the Brussels European Seafood Expo. 

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Facilities Upgrade

As ever continuous investment in our facilities is required to maintain our customer confidence.

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Update - February 2012

Denholm Seafoods had a very productive mackerel season in January.

In February there was the usual production of Atlanto Scandian herring and horse mackerel provided from the vessels: Taits, Challenge and Chris Andra.

Both our plants were in full production with a combination of whole round and processing.

Sales have been constant with weekly shipments to Russia, the Baltic States, Poland and to our customers in Western Europe.

Cold Store Extension

Construction has begun on a new cold store adjacent to the existing Denholm Seafoods cold store. This will offer a significant additional capacity to our existing operation.

Denholm Seafoods Limited are managing the build which is being made jointly with our partners the Tait family.  the new facility is expected to be completed by May 2012.

Brussels European Seafood Expo

Denholm Seafoods Limited will participate in the European Seafood Expo in Brussels from April 27 - 29th , 2010.

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January/February 2010 Mackerel Season

Denholm Seafoods had a very productive mackerel season despite the location of the shoals which had migrated well South.

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