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January 2014 Mackerel Season

The 2014 January Mackerel season is now well underway having started in early January.

It was an early start to the New Year for the fleet with most leaving port on the 2nd of January and the first landing to the Peterhead plants by the MFV Taits on the 5th closely followed by the MFV Challenge and the MFV Chris Andra. Both plants are operating at full production 24hrs a day to allow speedy discharge of product from the vessel, to production maintaining the high standard of quality experienced by our customers worldwide. We expect to be in production until early February and are producing our usual range of products from various sizes of mackerel landed in Peterhead to include:

  • Mackerel Whole Round 400/600 & 300/500
  • Hand cut fillets 70/120 gram
  • Butterfly flaps 130/180 gram
  • Butterfly flaps 150+ gram
  • Gutted 300/500 gram
  • Headed & Gutted (H+G) 200/250 gram