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Mackerel Season Gets Underway

Denholm Seafoods is pleased to announce the start of their Mackerel Season with the arrival of the Chris Andra

The Chris Andra has arrived at the East Quay Factory to discharge its catch. Challenge, Taits and Unity are also scheduled to land to Denholm Seafoods which will ensure production for the whole of October.

The Mackerel are of an excellent quality and are averaging 375 grams.  Production of the following will be available:

  • Mackerel Whole Round 400/600 & 300/500
  • Hand cut fillets 70/120 gram
  • Butterfly flaps 130/180 gram
  • Butterfly flaps 150+ gram
  • Gutted 300/500 gram
  • Headed & Gutted (H+G) 200/250 gram