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Our Young Visitor

On Friday the 24th of January, The staff of Denholm Seafoods and Klondyke Fishing Company welcomed Lynne Foreman from Youngs Seafoods Ltd to the Peterhead facility.

Youngs, who are part of the Findus Group, are a large producer of smoked mackerel, and other seafood products, that you can find on most supermarket shelves in the UK. After a meeting to learn about the ‘Klondyke Producers Association’, Lynne was then treated to a tour of the companies fishing vessel,‘Chris Andra’ and met some of the crew whilst landing at Peterhead. Skipper William Tait explained the workings of the vessel, fishing methods and the significant investment made in the RSW system that ensures the catch is maintained at a low temperature whilst the fish is on board prior to delivery to the processing plant.