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Our Facilities

Denholm Seafoods well equipped quayside factory ensures that their fish is processed and frozen down with minimum delay and with little or no manual intervention.

On arriving at the factory fishing boats pump their catch from their holding tanks into the factory where it is held in a holding tank from where it is taken into the factory for immediate processing.

The fish is then graded according to size in line with the requirements of the customer. The graded fish is either fed into the processing machinery which cut it in one of a number of ways as required by the customers or it is taken directly to the packaging line for sale as whole round fish. Fish from the processing lines is fed into the packaging line.
On emerging from the packaging lines product is either placed in the chill awaiting delivery as fresh product or is placed in one of our blast freezers for freezing down for sale as frozen product. Frozen product is held in our cold store pending delivery.
Our product can be delivered either by refrigerated truck, refrigerated container or by refrigerated cargo vessel.