Denholm Seafoods Welcomes the Autumn 2018 Mackerel Season

The autumn 2018 mackerel season is well underway, with Denholm Seafoods receiving its first landing from partner vessel 'Chris Andra'.  Skippers William and Peter Tait located the mackerel shoals around 100 miles north east of Peterhead and after a short trawl and successful catch, the vessel made the short 8 hour trip back to the port of Peterhead, where Denholm Seafoods' pelagic processing facility is located.  The proximity of the mackerel shoal to Denholm Seafoods' quayside plant contributes to the overall high quality of mackerel products. 

The skippers reported an abundance of mackerel of a good size.  Landing just under 500Mt, the overall quality of the fish received at the factory was excellent.  24 hours later, a landing from partner fishing vessel 'Challenge' was made just as the 'Unity' vessel left for the North East fishery.

Both plants at Denholm Seafoods will be in full production for around five weeks, processing daily landings from the vessels, who will regulate their fishing trips in order to ensure a consistent supply.  Cooperation between Denholm Seafoods and the fishing vessels means the factory receives a frequent, lower volume trawl.  This helps maintain high quality mackerel by reducing the load time at port and matching the catch to the capacity of the factory.

The mackerel processed by Denholm Seafoods will be distributed to customers worldwide via distribution hubs in Scotland, The Netherlands and Lithuania.