Denholm Seafoods Welcomes the Start of the 2018 Mackerel Season


Denholm Seafoods has welcomed the start of the January 2018 mackerel season. Fishing vessel 'Challenge' landed the first catch of mackerel at the Denholm Seafoods plant on the 5th January, followed by 'Chris Andra' 24 hours later.

As usual, the mackerel shoals were located in the cold waters off the West Coast of Scotland, with ‘Challenge’ skipper Robert Tait reporting several large marks over an extensive area.  

Average sizes have remained similar to the October 2017 season, with mackerel ranging from 390g to 400g.  Production is already underway at Denholm Seafoods' quayside facilities in Peterhead, processing mackerel into a range of products for its customers worldwide.