Update on New ‘Taits’ Construction

Construction of the new ‘Taits’ fishing vessel is progressing well.  Following the previous update, ‘Taits’ is now in Westcon Yards in Norway for final fit-out and commissioning before delivery to Denholm Seafoods' partner Klondyke Fishing Company. 

'Tait' owners Klondyke Fishing Company is one of the boat owners that work in partnership with Denholm Seafoods.  Through this close working relationship, ‘Taits’ lands the optimum volume of fish that Denholm Seafoods can consistently process, which maintains a high quality fish product.

The new ‘Taits’ is due to be delivered in February 2019.  She will then begin sea trials, fishing NVG herring – herring that spawns in the winter and spring – off the coast of Norway, before sailing to blue whiting catching areas west of Ireland in mid-March.