Welcoming the New North Sea Herring Season

Denholm Seafoods and its fishing partners are welcoming the start of the summer 2018 North Sea herring season.  Partner fishing vessel ‘Chris Andra’ arrived at the port of Peterhead on Tuesday 24th July to offload its first catch of herring directly to Denholm Seafoods' quayside processing plant.  The fish were located east of the Shetland Isles and the average size is 230g. 

Fishing vessel ‘Challenge’ is preparing to leave port this Friday 27th July and ‘Unity’ will finish the season in September.  Denholm Seafoods expects to be in full production until early September, processing various sizes of herring flaps and whole round herring for its customers in the UK and worldwide.  The delicacy herring roe will be produced from the middle of August.