Fish Processing

Denholm Seafoods operates three modern purpose-built quayside plants in Peterhead, Scotland, which are designed for processing quality pelagic fish. 


The fish that are landed at the quayside are of the highest quality, thanks to the approach of our fishing partners to trawling and onboard refrigeration.  From here, our fish are pumped into our factory and graded. 

As they enter our factory - and throughout processing - the fish are tracked through our quality control system.  Combined with the data received from the fishing vessels, we can continue to easily identify and trace the origins of our fish.

Our purpose-built processing plants have been designed for efficient pelagic fish processing.  Our method of processing helps us maintain our fish at a consistently chilled temperature, a vital element of our strict quality control standards.  It also enables a quicker turnaround for our customers.

Because of the size and versatility of our operations, we are flexible to our customers' specifications. We supply a wide range of mackerel and herring products, including: 

  • Whole round
  • Hand-cut fillets
  • Headed and gutted
  • Gutted
  • Butterfly flaps
  • Herring roe

Once processed, our products are packed and can be dispatched fresh or sent for freezing and storing.