Freezing and Cold Storage

Our rapid freezing process plays a major part in overall quality control, preserving the quality of the fish for which Denholm Seafoods is known.


Having meticulously controlled the temperature of the fish throughout processing, we pack our processed fish into 20kg cartons before transferring it to blast freezers for rapid freezing.

Blast freezing

Blast freezing is achieved by circulating frozen air in the freezing room.  By rapidly freezing our fish products in this way, we preserve the quality that we and our fishing partners have worked diligently to maintain during catching and processing.  After 18 hours, the cartons are ready to be packed into pallets.  

Cold storage

Palletised cartons are placed in our fully racked cold storage, ready for delivery.  We have a large capacity cold store, which is available at certain times of the year for third party storage lease.