(scomber scombrus)

Our mackerel is caught in a sustainable fishery in the North East Atlantic. 

Mackerel are a migratory fish.  They are caught by our fishing partners as they enter UK waters north-east of Shetland in the autumn and then again in the new year (January and February) as they travel west of Orkney and Lewis.  On being caught they are held in refrigerated seawater tanks so that they arrive at our factory in first class condition. The fishery is sustainably managed through the quota system.  


Mackerel Products

Whole Round

Product Sizes can be adjusted to customer specification

Sizes 0-200g / 200-400g / 300-500g / 400-600g / 600g+

Packing 20kg cartons

Headed and Gutted

Product Tail on or tail off to customer requirements

Sizes 200 gm+ / 250 gm+ / 300 gm+ / or as required

Packing 20kg cartons

Butterfly Fillet

Sizes 70g+ / 130-180g

Packing 20kg cartons

Hand Cut Fillet

Sizes Produced to customer specification

Packing 10kg wax cartons


Sizes 300-500g / 400-600g

Packing 20kg cartons



The mackerel that are landed to us are caught in as little as 6 hours from port, which produces a superior quality fish.